Love, Stan

Dear Kim, I miss you
These months in Vermont
have been crazy

I thought I found my place
but didn't quite do
It was fun at the beginning
but as soon the rush stopped
I started to feel alone

The streets are sad when it rains
the weekend plans are just okay
the food is awful and expensive
and the fucking job is the same
a big shit

Days just skip themselves

But I'm tired of that shit
What about you?
How's your life?
What are you up to?

Did you travel to Rome in summer?
I bet you're taking a lot of pictures
You have to show them
make a blog or something
That'd be awesome
I would read you

I hope you're doing great
And if not, that's okay
I'm neither
But you can always count on me
if you need it
I hope you get to read this

Love, Stan