I'm starving. Omg. Look at that pizza, it looks delicious. I'm gonna eat three of them. I, I, I’m idealizing it, ok, it's true. But I am so hungry.

In the end, I ate a hole pizza, I felt bad, I didn't really wanted to do it, but I was so hungry. Except, pizza is you, and food is love. I’m starving, of love.

When I have a little bit of love, romantic, couple, partner, sexual, passionate, intimate, especial, intense love, I’m not that hungry for several days.

I would like to have a little bit of that every now and then. Ok, I'm gonna be honest. I would love to have a fair amount of that every day, at least for a while. Seems a little bit like if I have a slice of pizza every day for one year, maybe I will never have a craving for pizza that intense never again.

I’ve been starving for ten years, and I’ve been idealizing that kind of love and relationships.

It's difficult for me when I have a little bit to not want more. Does it mean I wouldn't be in a relationship with someone who cannot give me that level of time, dedication and intensity that I want?

I you’re starving would you decline a slice of pizza every now and then because you would like to eat a hole pizza? Wtf, of course not.

And also, those pizza slices are people. People that you love. So it is a little bit more complicated.

But yeah, when I find someone, whom I love, and whom I get some love from, I cannot afford not trying to be my best version, keep that, and if there is a possibility of having a little bit more, and being something or being together, I cannot afford not doing it. I just simply can't afford it. I'm still starving.